Bobcat E08

Bobcat E08■ Powerful and productive
These versatile micro-excavators pack a big punch, whether used for demolition or landscaping work. Thanks to short tail swing, they are less likely to get damaged while working, thus providing a longer service life and lower total cost of ownership.

For work with a breaker, the optional demolition kit for both the E08 and E10 provides additional cooling to allow the machines to keep working longer.

■ Stable and compact
The expandable undercarriage ensures unmatched stability for this size of machine, while retracting easily to allow the excavator to pass through narrow openings. Combined with the integrated, foldable TOPS, it means that 710 mm wide, low-headroom openings are no barrier to these machines!

■ Comfortable and convenient
Low noise and vibration levels ensure excellent operator comfort along with reduced environmental impact. The adjustable joystick controls on the E10 take comfort to unequalled levels.

• Retractable undercarriage and blade
• Foldable TOPS structure
• Built-in operator safety
• Compact dimensions
• Cylinder-over-the-boom design
• Optional Demolition Kit for additional cooling
• Easy access to daily maintenance points
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